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Repair Services

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Just because you want to find out the problem in your garage door does not mean that you have to pay a professional contractor. At Garage Door Repair Denton TX, we offer free diagnostics with no hustle and bustle

Free Estimates

If you want an estimate of a certain garage door job to be undertaken either in your home or commercial building, save your money as we don’t charge you for an estimate.

Fully –stocked service trucks

We have highly functional and operational trucks with the most commonly required garage door parts. This allows our team to respond to any of your garage door needs in the fastest possible turnaround especially on emergency repairs.

Whether it is a trolley or photo electric eyes, even the simplest door can still pose serious problems to homeowners and business owners. At Garage Door Repair Denton TX, our professionals are honed with many years of real experience in providing on-location garage door repairs, with any type of door and opener.

As years pass by, we continue to expand our expertise and knowledge to make sure that we are always capable of providing what you exactly need.

Here are some common problems we carry out:

Weak Springs

There will definitely come a time that garage door springs degrade and will eventually break. When your garage door has weak springs, you may experience additional stress which can lead to serious problems later on. Garage Door Repair Denton TX

Broken springs

Although you cannot visually detect if the spring of your garage door has already worn out, you will know that there is something wrong when your door fails to open.  Usually, majority of homeowners think that the issue is on the opener.

In case your door tends to raise partially, you should not pull the emergency release cord.  The logic here is that if you are not able to lift the door, them neither the opener. It’s best to hire trusted repairmen from Garage Door Repair Denton TX.

Spring replacement

If the spring of your garage door is already beyond professional repair, we recommend you to ask for an estimate of our spring replacement services. If you want to streamline the cost, it is advisable that all the springs are replaced once.  By doing so, there is no need for you to make multiple service calls.

In addition to spring replacement, we also do restoration of broken hinge, cables and defective garage door openers.  At Garage Door Repair Denton TX, our technicians will carry out a comprehensive inspection of your door and opener to determine the problem. Remember, we offer free diagnosis and free estimate.